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Now Streaming: Zero Years – No Commemoration (2019)

Zero Years - No Commemoration (2019)
Zero Years – No Commemoration (2019)

New Haven-based indie rock band Zero Years have released their debut full length No Commemoration.

On No Commemoration, Zero Years successfully reach back to the lo-fi cassettes found in the early 1990s section of your local indie record store and revive them in their own image. It is one thing to channel the sonic indie zeitgeist of the early 1990s, it is another thing to sound like a kaleidoscopic time capsule of the era and make it sound totally fresh again.

There are a few qualities that push No Commemoration ahead of a standard 90s indie rock revival record. What could have been grounded by standard acoustic strums are now invigorated with subtle, multi-parted musical dynamics, particularly in numerous, well-timed drum fills and spectral guitar solos that escalate the later half of many of these songs out of the garage and into the stratosphere. In addition, principal singer-songwriter Jeff Anderson wears the frontman role well, relying on mixtape-like lyrical content and a suburban vocal charm. The whole album flows so well from track to track it makes for both easy and nuanced listening, with a something new to observe with each added play.

Listen to No Commemoration by Zero Years below:

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