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The Refectory Release New Axe Eater EP: Stream

The Refectory - Axe Eater (2019)
The Refectory – Axe Eater (2019)

Bethel, CT indie rockers The Refectory have officially released their new EP, Axe Eater for streaming on Bandcamp and Spotify.  It is the band’s first major release since 2017’s self-titled EP.

Axe Eater finds The Refectory taking the slow burning alt rock of their previous work and upping the intensity on numerous levels. While the band has always dabbled in math rock-esque fretwork, this trio of new songs exhibits some of the band’s most thrilling riffage and rhythmic dynamics yet.

Each track here reflects a different side of The Refectory. Opener “In The Mud” is a visceral and multi-suited thrasher that finds vocalist Robbie Vozza stretching his voice into a full caterwaul among its angular guitar distortion. The title track finds the band going fully instrumental, embracing the technical dexterity of each band member. “Climb Down” revisits the withdrawn, spacey side of the band before escalating back into grungy power chords. While this EP is apparently the first batch of songs that were constructed as a three-piece, it retains the same level of intricacy.

Axe Eater was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jonathan DeCarlo. You can purchase the EP at the group’s Bandcamp page here.

Stream Axe Eater by The Refectory on Bandcamp and Spotify below:

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