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Now Streaming: Jeremy Cooney – Flaco Blanquito (2019)

Jeremy Cooney

New Haven singer-songwriter Jeremy Cooney, previously of the New Haven ska band On The Fritz, has released his solo debut, Flaco Blanquito.

Flaco Blanquito is an easygoing collection of traditional acoustic-folk tunes bolstered by Cooney’s ‘oh my darling’ croon and a genuine sense of heartbreak. Each song is a relatable bummer, tastefully complemented with lighthearted lyricism and subtle harmonies.

Despite this feeling, there is a relaxed humor and breeziness to Cooney’s finger plucked arrangements and production. The EP gets it just right on penultimate “Silly Blues” and closer “Confessions”, which balances the whole bummer in a healthy and heartfelt way.

Listen to Flaco Blanquito by Jeremy Cooney below:

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