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lowercaselullaby Announce Debut EP, Share Remastered Single, Live in Your Local Hot Topic

lowercase lullaby
lowercase lullaby actually took their band photo in a Hot Topic

New Haven emo-pop duo Lowercase Lullaby is the electronic project of Thomas Shreve (Carlos Danger) and Andy Dauphinais.

Like each of its member’s main projects, Lowercase Lullaby fully and wholeheartedly embraces the spectrum of emo music. While those other projects are more guitar-oriented, punk-pop based affairs, this new project takes a more electronic, heard-it-in-Hot-Topic approach (seriously).

On the group’s first single “Worth It”, the duo goes full Myspace mall-emo, featuring heavily autotuned vocals and unashamed heart-on-sleeve lyrics.

To the band’s credit though, “Worth It” is a great pop song and a promising start for Lowercase Lullaby.

Lowercase Lullaby will be playing its release show on March 16th. Event page here.

Listen to “Worth It” by Lowercase Lullaby below:

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