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Bless Fat Randy, Connecticut’s Worst Band, For Releasing Deluxe Edition


Storrs-based rock and roll act Fat Randy, aka “Connecticut’s worst band”, is celebrating the one year anniversary of their full length debut, Reggaenomics, with the release of a deluxe edition. 

Praise for Reggaenomics includes:

** This sounds like if Chris Cornell’s corpse took Kurt Cobain’s corpse, turned him into a marionette, and played guitar through him at some kind of f****d up circus.” – Zack Abramo of Crag Mask **

**”Fat Randy is video games” – Andy Tucker of Lil Sluggers**

**”Should I be taking your message seriously?” – Sean Maldjian, The Family Reviews**

**”While I don’t consider myself ‘political,’ and I don’t believe in either party…I think people should keep their opinions to themselves.” – Dad Maldjian, The Family Reviews**

**”Fat Randy’s blend of technical precision, punk virulence, and an odd obsession with food leads to a wholly unique and fun listening experience.” – Ryan Borowy, Sock Full of Pennies**

You can also read our review of Reggaenomics here.

Listen to Reggaenomics by Fat Randy below:

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