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Now Streaming: Mickey Blurr – DIONYSUS, PART I (2018)

Mickey Blurr

Last weekend, New Haven indie rocker Mickey Blurr released their debut avant-pop EP, DIONYSUS, PART I. It’s a lavish display of romo-goth rock that kisses you on one cheek and slaps you on the other with an unflinching, sinister smile — much akin to their late-summer single “St. Paul”.

Blurr describes DIONYSUS as a “narrative about a modern hedonist caught in a time trap between Dionysian cults of Ancient Greece and Post-WWI Berlin, going through this surrealistic downward spiral, sort of exploring concepts of hedonism, selfishness, lust, and longing through satire.”

Stream DIONYSUS, PART I by Mickey Blurr below:

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