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Ports of Spain Release New Album Able Archer: Stream

Ports of Spain - Able Archer (2018)
Ports of Spain – Able Archer (2018)

New Haven indie rock duo Ports of Spain is composed of singer-drummer Sam Carlson and guitarist Ilya Gitelman. While the band has been kicking around the Connecticut music scene for the past decade or so, the two-piece have finally shared their full length debut, Able Archer. It is their first bit of new music since 2015’s Tea Leaf Bloom EP.

Ports of Spain at the Fairfield Theatre Company. Photo by Scott Vincent

Able Archer is a classic extension of Ports of Spain. Building and refining on the duo’s previous work, the album is a lean, workmanlike construction that features all of the trademark components that fans have come to enjoy from the New Haven band: a locked-in rhythmic chemistry, a subtle tension between every multi-parted song movement, and just enough pure rock energy where the music fits in underground punk venues and large-scale stages alike.

Coming off the songwriting developments of his debut solo album last year, Carlson sounds matured as both a songwriter and a vocalist, with cryptic lyrical images that resonate on a different level than in the past.

Check out the video for single “Cast Iron” and stream the album Able Archer below:

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