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So Sorry Fall Apart and Reconvene on Command Presence

So Sorry - Command Presence (2018)
So Sorry – Command Presence (2018)

Windham-based band So Sorry makes intricate and arty blend of post-hardcore and indie rock. Recently, the band has released their sophomore EP, Command Presence. Principal member Connor Dotay writes about the difficulties of creating the EP on So Sorry’s Bandcamp page:

Basically, after the tracking sessions for the rhythm section I was on my own. I didn’t know yet if I’d be continuing the band or not, but I desperately wanted to finish this record and make it something greater than what Tolerate or Die was.

I called on friends, lovers, and relative strangers alike to help me add to the tracks. It was an emotionally difficult process. It took some serious tunnel vision to get through the remaining sessions, and it’s been a really hard year since we went in for tracking around the end of June 2017.

For all the time constraints and massive setbacks in those sessions I think we pulled it off. I can fixate forever on what might have been had things gone differently around that time, but I’m very proud of the record we made and I’m very happy with the new line-up (hello, Glenden and Mike!) Thank you so much for listening to Command Presence.

Considering the difficulty of completing the EP, Command Presence is a resounding success. Opening abruptly with the caterwauling standout “The Silence of Our Friends”, So Sorry inundates the listener with maximalist guitar attacks, crashing cymbals, and call-and-response gang vocals.

Songs are diverse and multi-parted, with instrumental technicalities that are further revealed with each listen. As the EP was crafted between lineups, with assistance from “lovers, friends and strangers” alike, each additional tone and texture comes off like a labor of love. When the album pauses with the more laid back, indie rock numbers “My Machine” and “True Love’s End”, Dotay complements this instrumental prowess with a palpable human affectation in his vocal.

Listen to Command Presence by So Sorry below:


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