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On Repeat: ZEN Lunacy – Syzygy (2018)

ZEN Lunacy - Syzygy (2018)
ZEN Lunacy – Syzygy (2018)

Manchester, CT-based electro-rock band ZEN Lunacy is made up of vocalist-multi-instrumentalist Kevin Ensign, percussionist John Ambruso, and bassist Kristen Ensign. Recently, the trio has released their new album Syzygy.

Syzygy is an awesome collection of glitchy electronic-rock music. Spontaneously created in a studio setting, ZEN Lunacy granted themselves the freedom to experiment, with no regard to what could or could not be performed live.

As a result, Syzygy is filled to the brim with the spirit of pure creation, with each song diversely layered with technicolor textures, vocal samples and digitized loops. There is a freewheeling spirit that permeates the album, with a splatter-paint-like approach to song construction: see the brooding nuclear tension of “Retrogram” compared to the eastern sounding string arrangements and playful refrain of “La La Blah Blah”. Overall, this textural diversity reveals a new layer of depth to the music with each listen, adding to its high replayability.

Listen to Syzygy by ZEN Lunacy below:

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