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Audio Jane Release New Album Letters: Stream

Audio Jane

Hartford five-piece Audio Jane is made up of Sarah Pech (vocals, guitar), Mike Goldberg (lead guitar), Jesse Perkins (bass). Dave Ciciotte (guitar, backing vocals), and Mike Ciunci (drums). Together they make alternative rock that channels and revives a blend of inspiration from acts such as Fleetwood Mac, Mazzy Star, and Kings of Leon. Recently, Audio Jane released their newest album Letters.

Letters is a simultaneously atmospheric and grungy collection of alt-rock slow burners. Despite being released on the fall-winter border, the album has a multi-seasonal pop sensibility. Songs like opener “Fate, Again” and standout single “Slow Summer Days” feature ample sunny hooks and fist pumping vocal refrains that paint a picturesque morning drive to the beach. In contrast, moodier numbers like “Neck” and “Skin” are more nocturnally introspective.

While Pech maintains an appealingly breathy and melancholic vocal presence throughout the album, the band truly feels like a unit, with the collaboration of heady guitar delay and a propulsive rhythm section that carries each song to a stadium sized, anthemic level.

Listen to Letters by Audio Jane below:

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