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On Repeat: Brandon Serafino – Living Room (2018)

Brandon Serafino - Living Room (2018)
Brandon Serafino – Living Room (2018)

Brandon Serafino is a Hartford musician and singer. Recently, Serafino has put out his excellent new album, Living Room.

Written and produced by Serafino, with contributions from Zvlu, Era Redux, and Austen Ballard, Living Room is an eclectic collection of modern pop and R&B stylings. Over the course of its 33 minute runtime, Serafino commands the record with an impressive, multi-layered vocal swagger, musing and crooning over inspired electronic beats.

Simultaneously smokey and cosmic, there is a nocturnal intimacy that permeates the album’s atmosphere, with slights and subtleties both instrumental and intonated. There is a balance of variety to the arrangements, featuring occasional sweeps of orchestration and guitar lines between its syncopated percussion that appeal to both heady and danceable aesthetics. The seamless transitions from track-to-track allow the album just enough difference to flow as a single extended performance.

Listen to Living Room by Brandon Serafino below:

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