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On Repeat: Chad Browne-Springer – Love’s Letter (2018)

Chad Browne-Springer - Love's Letter (2018)
Chad Browne-Springer – Love’s Letter (2018)

Chad Browne-Springer is a musician and audiovisual artist from East Hartford. Last year, he released an excellent EP with his New Haven based “spacehop” group  Phat A$tronaut. Last week, Browne-Springer’s new album, Love’s Letter, was released on the West Hartford label Funnybone Records.

Love’s Letter is a highly listenable collection of various styles of music, ranging from alternative pop, r&b, electronica, and acoustic, all tied together by Browne-Springer’s kinetic vocal virtuosity. While early single “¡POPSTAR!” embraced world music tones and a driving club beat, other standouts on this album like “Couchspedition” and “Apparition” are constructed entirely around vocal loop experimentation. The album also delves into singer songwriter territory with “The Jeavens” and “Yellow Oak”, reflecting the artist’s talent to standout with simply a ukulele or acoustic guitar as well.

Listen to Love’s Letter by Chad Browne-Springer below:

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