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On Repeat: FLEURS – Life of the Appetite (2018)

FLEURS - Life of the Appetite (2018)
FLEURS – Life of the Appetite (2018)

New Haven-based FLEURS is the gloomy indie rock project of musician Alexander Falconer. Earlier this year, FLEURS released the American Nothing EP, a short and sweet collection of nocturnal Americana tunes with a gothy electronic twist. Recently, FLEURS has released a new album Life of the Appetite.

Expanding on the styles of his earlier release, Life of the Appetite is an impressive full length debut from the New Haven artist, filtering numerous genres all through dark romanticism and heady electronic textures. Most songs have a rhythmic quality that range from midnight graveyard stomp to industrial garage thrash. Above all, the music is truly possessed by Falconer, whose exceptionally depraved vocal performance is something to be heard.

Listen to Life of The Appetite by FLEURS below:

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