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James Darling and The Nuclear Heartbreak Embrace Every Gang Vocal on ‘CH. 2’

James Darling

Stamford based power trio James Darling and The Nuclear Heartbreak are made up of James Darling (Guitar, Vocals), Gio Gomez, (Drums), and Tim Robbins (Bass). Together, they write anthemic rock music driven by garage pop hooks, classic quiet-loud alt-rock dynamics, and fist pumping gang vocals.

Earlier this year, the band issued their second EP, CH.2. Listening to the EP, it is clear that the band is interested in making singalong choruses their main focal point, with each song focused on its own central hook. The band embraces this, with their own descriptions of each song ranging from “singing in the shower” to “setting fire to your ex’s possessions”. Weird flex, but okay.

While the band really does have a good grip on its crunchy guitar choruses, CH.2 is bolstered by Darling’s elastic vocal charm and the band’s good sense of letting up on the distortion for more coffee shop ready verses, making their impact more effective every time.

Listen to “Talia” by James Darling and The Nuclear Heartbreak below

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