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Now Streaming: The Amphibious Man – American Folk Magick (2018)

The Amphibious Man - American Folk Magic (2018)
The Amphibious Man – American Folk Magic (2018)

Just in time for Halloween, the formerly UHart, now Boulder, Colorado inhabiting collective of occult-minded individuals The Amphibious Man have shared their new EP, American Folk Magic. It is the first collection of new music the group has produced since 2016’s grotesque graveyard romp Silver Alert.

American Folk Magic is simultaneously classic The Amphibious Man and a surprisingly welcome new take on the band’s morbid aesthetic. While Witch Hips and Silver Alert exhumed a supernatural ugliness in lo-fi distortion, this new EP embraces acoustic rhythms that swagger like a drunken zombie on the hunt for human brains. As the music relies less on a spooky sonic appeal and more on bare-bones songwriting, it is a natural, loose-limbed approach that results in arguably the strongest collection of songs the band has put out to date.

Listen to American Folk Magic by The Amphibious Man below:

Check out Witch Hips by The Amphibious Man on Spotify below:

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