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Hear This: SAP – Best Video Live Demo (10/24/18)

SAP - Best Video Live Demo (2018)
SAP – Best Video Live Demo (2018)

Wallingford indie rock band SAP is the musical outlet of singer-songwriter Amber Kristjansson, drummer Rich Fig, bassist Dani Capalbo (ex-Quiet Giant), and guitarist Mark Almodovar (ex-Quiet Giant). Recently, the four-piece have released a live demo of one of their early shows at Best Video in Hamden.

While SAP’s recording at Best Video is clearly a live demo, and also reflects a new band still testing sonic waters, it has us excited to hear what these songs will sound like in their studio recorded forms. Often teetering between heartfelt and lovelorn lyricism, Kristjansson’s melancholic vocals are energized by a propulsive, sometimes danceable rhythm section and are textured with synthpop keys and light guitar lines. Each song dabbles with a catchy hook or two, but usually refrains from going full pop, instead embracing mood and melody.

Listen to SAP’s Live at Best Video Demo below:

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