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Now Streaming: More Klementines – More Klementines (2018)

More Klementines - Self-Titled (2018)
More Klementines – Self-Titled (2018)
By Conor Perreault – Contributor

On their new self-titled album, North Branford experimental rock trio More Klementines drop you in media res. The psychic journey has already embarked and your choice is to say ‘yes’ to the Trypp or lift the needle and go back to your ho-hum workday.

If you consent to the ride, and you should, you’ll find yourself soaring over two record sides of sonic landscapes alternately barren or lush. On Side 1, you’ll crash and do some murky spelunking. On Side 2, you find yourself in a thick wood where something might be lurking just out of sight, and later you’re submerged underwater (or at least in an underwater level of a Super Nintendo game). Then, suddenly, a steady motorik beat kicks in and you ride off down the autobahn to the finish.

This may suggest an overwhelming density of sound, but the production is simple and clear, a fact that is borne out on headphones. Michael Kiefer’s drums clatter, whisper, and thump lyrically in the center, rarely content to simply play timekeeper. Jon Schlesinger hangs out in the right channel, picking sweet pastoral melodies on banjo or guitar and driving the shifting moods. Steubs complements or contradicts on the left, more apt to get dirty with feedback and electronic groans but not afraid of a pretty ditty either.

All three musicians in More Klementines are CT scene vets with experience in both free improv rock (Rivener, MYTY KONKEROR) and folk songcraft (No Line North). This might explain how this record of a couple buds jamming one afternoon manages to strike a pleasing balance between spacey freakouts and earthy front-porch noodle sessions.

Listen to More Klementines by More Klementines below:

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