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Now Streaming: Harmless – Harmless (2018)

Harmless - Self-Titled (2018)
Harmless – Self-Titled (2018)

Hamden-based emo band Harmless is a four-piece made up of Clifford Schloss (Vocals / Guitar), Matthew Wilkes (Guitar), Brandon Lepore (Bass), and N’kosi Wyands (Drums). Recently, the band has issued their self-titled debut.

Harmless is a promising start for the young band, offering an appeasing exercise for fans of emo-revival music. Like many independent debuts, Harmless’ debut is scrappy and rough around the edges, but endearingly so. The band is clearly capable at their instruments, with each song decorated with mathy guitar noodling and a proper rhythm section. Schloss fronts the band appropriately with a smooth and likeable vocal performance. Many of the songs blend into one another, perhaps lacking an obvious single, but creating a cohesive collection overall.

Listen to Harmless by Harmless below:

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