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Now Streaming: Ryan Patrick White – Dying In Deep River (2018)

Ryan Patrick White - Dying In Deep River (2018)
Ryan Patrick White – Dying In Deep River (2018)

Deep River-based musician Ryan Patrick White performs in a wide variety of musical projects, ranging from aggressive hardcore to suburban indie rock. Recently, White has issued his newest solo endeavor as a singer-songwriter, an album called Dying in Deep River.

Like its title suggests, Dying In Deep River is a deeply personal chronicle of harrowing introspection. Excellently produced, most songs center around White’s mournful quaver and ornate acoustic arrangements, occasionally dabbling with piano and electronic supplements. White has a subtly particular way around a melody, often having the effect of making even major keys sound minor. A sense of loss tangibly pervades the record, with White capturing forlorn moments in diary-esque lyrical sketches.

Listen to Dying in Deep River by Ryan Patrick White below:


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