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On Repeat: Kelly Quigley – Have You Read My Poems (2018)

Kelly Quigley

NYC based singer-songwriter Kelly Quigley has released her new album, Have You Read My Poems, via West Hartford’s Funnybone Records. Following on the promise of earlier single, “Ours (Leo)”, Have You Read My Poems is wonderfully autumnal record that is a testament of Quigley’s talent as both a singer-songwriter and a sonic orchestrator.

Written by Quigley but featuring numerous contributions from friends and musicians alike, these songs range from solitary acoustic numbers, to indie rock-lite, to atmospheric experiments. As seen on standouts “Emptiness” and “Ours (Leo)”, Quigley is a formidable acoustic guitarist and vocalist whose breathy melancholy has full control over the crisp tone of these multi-parted compositions. However, “Season of Hell”, easily the most jarring piece on this album, is a beautiful arrangement of harmonious refrains, twinkling piano, and a recitation of an Arthur Rimbaud of the same name, that transcends conventional composition.

Listen to Have You Read My Poems by Kelly Quigley below:


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