Folk New Haven Now Streaming Singer-Songwriter

Xavier Serrano Announces New Album Bell Chimes of Yesteryear, Shares New Songs: Stream

Xavier Serrano - Bell Chimes of Yesteryear (2018)
Xavier Serrano – Bell Chimes of Yesteryear (2018)

New Haven singer-songwriter Xavier Serrano writes acoustic guitar music carried by a characteristically smooth vocal croon and a cryptic lyrical edge. Since 2017, the New Haven musician has kept plenty busy releasing the excellent Child EP with his band Kindred Queer and a series of solo releases of his own: Pierpont St. Ad Libs, Sketches for Cernunnosand Dire Straits.

Recently, Serrano has announced a new album, Bell Chimes of Yesteryear, and has shared two new songs: “Trapped” and “As a Human”. While “As a Human” is consistent with the relative minimalism of his earlier solo EPs, “Trapped” slowly escalates from its solitary acoustic roots to a subtly intricate finale of intertwining guitar work, complementary drums, and reverberated vocal intonations.

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