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Now Streaming: Early Lover of Mankind – What Music? (2018)

Early Lover of Mankind - What Music? (2018)
Early Lover of Mankind – What Music? (2018)

East Hartford musician and one-fourth of indie rock band Queen Moo Jason Rule has been plugging away writing songs and performing solo shows under the moniker Early Lover of Mankind. Recently, Rule issued his recent collection of home recordings, entitled What Music?

What Music? is a lo-fi and loose-limbed collection of song sketches and tonal thoughts from the Hartford songwriter. In contrast to the artist’s often intricate, rhythmic, and multi-part song structures found in his main band, these songs come off as far more free-wheeling and spontaneous, more relaxed on capturing the ideas and emotions actively rather than in perfect form.

Listen to What Music? by Early Lover of Mankind below:

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