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On Repeat: Tango Mango – It Takes Two To Tango Mango (2018)

Tango Mango - It Takes Two to Tango Mango (2018)
Tango Mango – It Takes Two To Tango Mango (2018)

Tolland punk act Tango Mango is the project of Tommy Loura and Kyle Schmitz. Together the duo create high energy, gritty garage punk.

Delivering on the promise of early singles “Flurry” and “Gleam”, It Takes Two To Tango Mango is a highly listenable collection of invigorated basement dwelling punk packed with a memorable vocal performance, relentless cymbal crashes, and a sliver of pop sensibility. Vocalist Tommy Loura deserves much credit as a punk vocalist, driving these songs with a primal, full-throated gruffness. Building upon the traditional guitar arrangements seen in the genre, there are subtle textures and variations every few tracks, such as the clean riffage on “Phantom Castle” and the organ on “Gleam.”

Listen to “Gleam” by Tango Mango below:

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