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On Repeat: FLEURS – “2 4 K V” (2018)

FLEURS - 2 4 K V (2018)
FLEURS – 2 4 K V (2018)

New Haven-based FLEURS is the gloomy indie pop project of musician Alexander Falconer. Earlier this year, FLEURS released the American Nothing EP, a short and sweet collection of nocturnal Americana tunes with a gothy electronic twist.

Since then, FLEURS has released a new single “2 4 K V”, which is the first sample of a full length LIFE OF THE APPETITE, to be released sometime later this year.

Like the American Nothing EP, “2 4 K V” is a promising single from the New Haven artist, wrapping its dark romanticism with heady electronic textures and a depraved vocal performance from Falconer.

Listen to “2 4 K V” by FLEURS below:

Listen to American Nothing by FLEURS below:

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