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On Repeat: Kelly Quigley – Ours (Leo) (2018)

Kelly Quigley - Have You Read My Poems (2018)
Kelly Quigley – Have You Read My Poems (2018)

NYC based singer-songwriter Kelly Quigley has shared a new song “Ours (Leo)”, and has announced her new album, Have You Read My Poems, due out October 19th via West Hartford’s Funnybone Records.

A promising introduction to the upcoming album, “Ours (Leo)” breaks in the fall season with a lively acoustic performance from both Quigley and contributors. A formidable singer in her own right, Quigley’s breathy and melancholic vocal is complemented by some minor but truly gorgeous harmonies and a multi-parted songwriting approach. There is a subdued but crisp energy to the intermittent acoustic work and strumming emphasis.

Listen to “Ours (Leo)” by Kelly Quigley below:

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