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Now Streaming: Will Grayson – Yet What Else After All (2018)

Will Grayson - Yet What Else After All (2018)
Will Grayson – Yet What Else After All (2018)

Formerly Willimantic, currently Bridgeport-based indie singer-songwriter Will Grayson makes music that embraces a lo-fi, ramshackle approach to a classic indie rock sound. Following on the promise of his recently released single “I Was Born with a Caulfield”, Grayson has issued his newest album to date, Yet What Else After All.

Like most of Grayson’s discography, Yet What Else After All continues in the tradition of lo-fi indie rock. In fact, Grayson’s music embraces the style to such a degree that the music is inextricably linked to its aesthetic.

Mainly self-produced in bedrooms in regions across the state, these songs are sonic and lyrical sketches that the evoke the spirit of emotional and geographical transitions, awkwardly placed microphones, and gazing out different windows of urban and rural landscapes. Each song an tells a distinct story both lyrically and via arrangements. Many songs give the impression of being assembled from scattered thoughts, observations, and different musical sessions, all patched together with an emotional roughness that is purely Grayson’s own.

Listen to Yet What Else After All by Will Grayson below:

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