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Pearl Sugar Shares New Single “Scarlet”: Stream

Pearl Sugar - Scarlet (2018)

Pearl Sugar is the synth pop project of Hartford musician Chris Bugnacki. Earlier this year, Pearl Sugar released the great Alright EP in collaboration with West Hartford’s Funnybone Records. Last week, Bugnacki released a follow up single “Scarlet.”

Like the Alright EP, “Scarlet” is a melancholic slow dance of gentle synths and electronic drum beats. Bugnacki has a knack for conveying emotional tones in his singing that are both immediately soothing and disarming. While the artist usually embraces a tasteful minimalism, the song escalates to a wonderful but short build of additional percussion and brass sounds that open interesting doors for where Pearl Sugar can go next.

Listen to “Scarlet” by Pearl Sugar below:

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