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Greetings Share Debut EP: Stream


Hartford based Greetings is the genre-blending indie project of musician Daniel Carr. This week, Greetings has released its debut EP on West Hartford’s Funnybone Records.

Primarily written, performed, recorded, mixed, mastered AND produced by Carr, the new EP as Greetings definitely comes off as a labor of love from the Hartford artist. Like the hazy and minimalistic orange color palette of its cover art, an airy blend of sun-soaked reverb and laid back vocals from Carr permeate the EP’s atmosphere.

Greetings - Greetings EP (2018)
Greetings – Greetings EP (2018)

There is a pleasant consistency between its seven tracks, almost coming off like one extended song that could easily be the soundtrack to the last days of the summer at the beach. While Greetings is Carr’s solo project, the EP also features significant contributions from fellow Hartford artists Chad Browne-Springer, Blunt Corner, and and many others that help expand the music’s vocal dynamics and stylistically.

The track “Underneath From Above” is featured on our CT Scramble 2018 Indie Playlist. Stream here.

Listen to the Greetings EP by Greetings on Bandcamp and Spotify below:

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