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Mickey Blurr Shares Mausoleum Melter “St. Paul”

Mickey Blurr - St. Paul (2018)
Mickey Blurr – St. Paul (2018)
by Dylan Healy, Contributing Editor

Bethel, CT art-rock musician Mickey Blurr recently released “St. Paul”, a stadium sized explosion of distortion and controlled chaos.

A demonstration of craftful maximalism, “St. Paul” waves a static-shock blanket of electric guitars, roguishly blowing up plenty grit and dust. Despite its turbulent environment, Blurr keeps a tempered delivery with his layered baritone, reminding us they’re in control of this wicked ripper. Between sections, panned pianos pin down hazy melodies, like tombstones visible through dense fog. If there’s any song to listen to at a cemetery, it’s probably this one.

Mickey Blurr’s music often dances along the line between alt-pop and experimental rock alongside Ariel Pink and Talking Heads — or, as the artist suggests, where Roxy Music meets 70s Philly soul. Mickey Blurr’s debut EP is expected to arrive this fall.

Listen to “St. Paul” by Mickey Blurr below.



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