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Song Premiere: Skating – “Dream Speed” (2018)


New Haven based Skating is the bedroom pop project of musician Jake Shaker. Recently, Shaker has announced his new album Dream Speed, which will be released this Friday, August 10th. The album can be preordered at Skating’s Bandcamp here.

Today we are happy to be sharing the first sample, title track and album opener “Dream Speed”

“Dream Speed” picks up where Skating’s promising first record left off, building on Shaker’s guitar based emotive indie songwriting with digital and synth arrangements. Appropriately titled, the song pleasantly glides at a lullaby’s pace, sleepwalking “into the blue / out past the moon / up through the trees / to where we can meet in dream speed.”

Shaker, who recorded the album himself, has had the time to develop extra nuance throughout the track. There is a gentle surreality to the song as it expands with subtle synths, percussion, and vocal harmonies. Despite the song’s tribute to otherworldy escapism, Skating sounds confident and better than ever.

Listen to “Dream Speed” by Skating below:

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