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Hear This: CTS August 2018 Spotify Sampler

Today we are introducing a new attempt to share good CT based indie and alternative music. In addition to our comprehensive annual CT on Spotify playlists, we are now planning on creating monthly Spotify playlists.

Our goal with the monthly playlists is to help get the music out to you faster and in a more accessible, shorter listening duration. In addition, these new playlists will allow us to highlight new music as it comes out while still mixing in other great artists that come across our collective ear. Like our standard playlists, we attempt to be musically inclusive to both punks and normies, and embrace the diversity of our music scenes. There is a ska song. If you don’t like ska, deal with it.

This month’s CT August 2018 Playlist features the following artists:

  1. Chad Browne-Springer (East Hartford; Alternative R&B)
  2. Mandala (Waterbury; Alternative Rock)
  3. Bilge Rat (New Haven; Art Grunge)
  4. Old Self (New Haven; Alternative Rap)
  5. Gold & Thorns (West Haven; Electronic)
  6. Human Flourishing (New Haven; Noise)
  7. The Foresters (Bethany; Indie Pop)
  8. Perennial (CT/MA; Post-Punk)
  9. Lil Sluggers (Hartford; Folk Rock)
  10. Donnie Alexzander (Hartford; Goth Rock)
  11. Two Headed Girl (Hartford; Emo; Lo-Fi)
  12. Daphne Lee Martin (New London; Singer-Songwriter)
  13. The Hempsteadys (New London; Ska)

Listen to the CT Scramble August 2018 Spotify Playlist below:


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