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Now Streaming: Two Headed Girl – With Sadness (2018)

Two Headed Girl - With Sadness (2018)

Hartford based Two Headed Girl is the indie rock project of twin sisters Celeste Padua and Angelica Padua. Together they make queer, emotive indie rock with a touch of mathy guitar work.

While Angelica has kept herself busy with her solo work, Two Headed Girl has just put out their debut EP With Sadness. The EP was produced by frequent collaborator Cam Pulaski, who also played drums on the record.

With Sadness is promisingly unrefined, showcasing the duo’s already sturdy songwriting abilities and garage punk dynamics. Throughout its quick runtime, there are glimpses of various emotional states, both confident and lovelorn, frequently paired with solid guitar riffage that usually stands apart from the rest of the song (in a good way).

Listen to With Sadness by Two Headed Girl below:

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