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On Repeat: Lil Sluggers – Second Nature EP (2018)

Lil Sluggers
Photo Credit: Zack Gomez

Lil Sluggers is an indie folk five-piece from Hartford. The band consists of principle singer-songwriter Andy Tucker, Robyn Buttery on violin, Daniel Rice on accordion and keys , Jacob Ott on bass, and Dan Deutsch on percussion and backing vocals.

Forming out of the ashes of Hartford folk rock band Orders, Tucker and crew have expanded their songwriting and instrumentation over a pleasant four song EP that highlights the qualities of each member.

Taking on main vocal and songwriting duties, Tucker crafts a literary sense with a surprisingly dominant baritone. Often joined by a chorus of backing vocals, there is a fist pumping anthemic quality that energizes the music.

Tastefully layered with violin, accordion, keys, and additional percussion, each song varies in both style and tonal impact. While opener “Pulp” and single “Second Nature” catches the band firing on all cylinders, “Burn or Rot” and “Colt Pts. 1&2” are slow burners that unravel into theatrical crescendos.

Listen to Second Nature EP by Lil Sluggers below:


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