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New Noise: Human Flourishing – Your Cosmos Is Not My Cosmos (2018)

Human Flourishing
Human Flourishing. Photo Credit Nathan Hedless

New Haven noise duo Human Flourishing is the experimental project of musicians Conor Perreault and Greg Paul. Adding to an increasingly large body of releases, Human Flourishing has recently put out his latest collection of noise, Your Cosmos Is Not My Cosmos.

Human Flourishing - Your Cosmos Is Not My Cosmos (2018)
Human Flourishing – Your Cosmos Is Not My Cosmos (2018)

Like the loftiness that the title suggests, Your Cosmos Is Not My Cosmos takes Human Flourishing’s kitchen sink lo-fi and expands it into massive ambient soundscapes. Perreault has a sensibility for blending arrangements, often employing sampled human voices and adding warmth to sometimes mechanically jarring found sounds. Recorded in winter and spring of 2018, there is still a trippy, summer-esque quality in the reverb soaked “Sunways” and “Beach Weather”

Listen to Your Cosmos Is Not My Cosmos by Human Flourishing below:

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