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On Repeat: Gold & Thorns – With the Grain EP (2018)

Gold & Thorns - With the Grain EP (2018)
Gold & Thorns – With the Grain EP (2018)

Gold & Thorns is the electronic dream pop project of West Haven musician Jesse Anders. Earlier this year, Anders released his latest EP as Gold & Thorns, the With The Grain EP.

At only four tracks, With The Grain is a highly listenable short and sweet collection of melodic indie dance music in the vein of mid-00s alternative. Each song is fairly distinct from each other, containing its own driving synth tone and danceable rhythm. This diversity is apparent fairly quickly, with alternative disco opener “Canonball” yielding to the heady electronic shoegaze of “Drifting” and then again to the more minimalistic “Gray and Gold.” Anders is also an affecting vocalist, his vocal alternating between a gliding falsetto and wistful tenor over the pulsating instrumentation.

“Drifting” by Gold & Thorns has been included on the CT Scramble 2018 Indie Spotify Playlist: Stream here.

Listen to With the Grain by Gold & Thorns below:


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