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Donnie Alexzander Releases Debut Album Little Miss Drift Afloat: Stream

Donnie Final Cover fixed dim 5-10-18

Donnie Alexzander is the Hartford-based lo-fi grunge project of Matt Merton. Today, Merton has released his debut album Little Miss Drift Afloat, released through West Hartford’s Funnybone Records.

Little Miss Drift Afloat is one of those records perfectly suited to debut on Friday the 13th. Rather than taking on the intensity of a gore heavy slasher flick, it quietly burns a suburban gothic eulogy as flowers are placed on the grave of an increasingly emotionally numbing past.

A promising songwriter, Merton opts for mood, minimalism, and atmosphere over hooks. Even when he kicks on the grungy distortion, most of the record often keeps the volume level at a brooding simmer, evoking tension at every changing chord progression. This deliberate restraint makes for both satisfying introspection and foreboding unease.

“Self-Assured” by Donnie Alexzander is a featured track on our CT Scramble 2018 Indie Rock Spotify Playlist: Stream Here

Listen to Little Miss Drift Afloat by Donnie Alexzander below:


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