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Now Streaming: T Wreck – NO NADA EP (2018)

T Wreck - No Nada (2018)
T Wreck – No Nada (2018)

New London four-piece T Wreck is the synth punk project of Michael Winslow (Drums), Dave Freeburg (Synth), Justin Credabel (Bass, Pocket Piano Synth), and Daniel Boroughs (Vocals). Recently, the band has put out their debut EP NO NADA.

Recorded live with 14 mics, NO NADA is a raw performance of eccentric punk that charges T Wreck’s synthesizer setup with spastic momentum. The band operates as a single unit, almost as if avoiding some kind of nuclear meltdown with their instruments. Freeburg and Credabel’s ever-morphing synths fire like alarms. Winslow’s drumming propels the music with post-apocalyptic urgency. Boroughs’ vocal surely barks the end is near.

T Wreck will be issuing NO NADA on CD for their release show at Credabel Coral Lab in New London on July 14th. Event page here.

Listen to NO NADA by T Wreck below:

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