Hear This: Redscroll Records + The State House Podcast

Carlos (Los) Wells and Rick Omonte
Carlos (Los) Wells and Rick Omonte

Wallingford’s always dope Redscroll Records has put out the latest of their monthly podcasts. This month, they speak with Carlos (Los) Wells and Rick Omonte of the soon opening State House venue in New Haven.

We at CT Scramble are particularly excited as we are hosting a show at the State House on July 26th with New Haven greats Ports of Spain, Ryxno, Ourselves Alone, and Daniprobably (of Quiet Giant). Event page here.

In the podcast, they talk about the many aspects of opening a venue and focus on what will be happening there (shows, screenings, meet-ups…). They veer off into band territory with Rick (who is a member of Mountain Movers and a multitude of former bands) and into record label territory with Los (who runs Safety Meeting Records). And we surely veered off into other tidbits here and there too.


Listen to the podcast over at Redscroll’s page here.

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