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CT Scramble’s 5 Points of Interest on the New Hartford Line

CT Rail
Meriden Train Station, Photo Credit David Zajac

As dedicated CT inhabitants that happen to have excellent taste in music, we are also very interested in the development and sharing of Connecticut arts and culture in general. The new Hartford Line has us excited because it has the potential to create new physical and sociocultural pathways and hubs to explore in our state. It also helps us get to the gig.

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 8.21.15 AM
CT Rail System

As we consider experimenting with using the new rail to travel around the state, below are a few points of interest that we are looking forward to visiting.

New Haven's State Street Station
New Haven’s State Street Station (Photo Credit Corey Best)

New Haven: The New Haven State Street Station will be far more available than in previous years. Sitting at 370 State Street, the newly remodeled station is a 5-10 minute walking distance from numerous arts and entertainment venues like Cafe Nine and The State House, the Wooster Street Pizzerias, the New Haven Green, and the general downtown area. In addition, New Haven’s Bike New Haven program and numerous CT Transit buses in the city can transport commuters to slightly farther areas.

cafe nine
Cafe Nine on State Street

Other Connections: New Haven’s Union Station will allow Hartford Line travelers to transfer to the slightly more costly Metro North and Shoreline East trains, allowing easier transport to Fairfield County-New York City, and New London County-Providence. If you have are not quite familiar with New London, we recommend taking at least one trip up to investigate its downtown (Important note that Shoreline East is currently under limited operations as the rail service is undergoing routine maintenance until November 2018).

New London is accessible via Shoreline East Trains
The Telegraph in Downtown New London

The Telegraph Record Store and bar-venue 33 Golden Street in New London’s downtown are both within easy walking distance from the Train Station. The two dollar SeatBus in New London will take you from the Train Station to Ocean Beach.

Wallingford: The Wallingford train station is conveniently located near central CT’s excellent Redscroll Records, the DIY-show frequented WAMLEG, and handful of good bars and restaurants.

Redscroll Records
Redscroll Records in Wallingford

Meriden: Meriden’s downtown area is beginning to see the result of decades of clean up and renovations. The new Meriden Green is a pleasant outdoor stop to take during the Central CT commute, and if one is willing to walk the extra minute, The Little Rendezvous in Meriden is arguably the best non-New Haven pizza in the state (fight us).

Pratt Street Hartford
Pratt Street in Hartford (WeHartford)

Hartford: Hartford’s Union Station provides direct access to Downtown Hartford, which allows an easily walkable commute to the underappreciated city’s many untapped and promising resources.

Dunkin Donuts Park in Hartford

There is, of course, the Hartford Yardgoats’ Dunkin Donuts Park, many (decidedly normie but legit) entertainment hubs that cover a wide variety of entertainment from Kendrick to UCONN Basketball to Classical theatre, the Wadsworth Atheneum, and a bunch of good cafes, breweries, and restaurants.

Limebike in Hartford

There is also the free Hartford Dash Shuttle and Limebike, a new super affordable bike sharing app (first ride also free), that can help transport one to other points of interest. Union Station also allows easy bus transport to Bradley Airport via the Bradley Flyerand Boston.

The new Hartford Line will be free of charge this upcoming weekend, from June 16th to the 17th. More information on the new rail and bus lines can be found at and

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