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End of Year Recap: The 2018 CT Scramble Indie Spotify Playlist

CT Scramble 12

CT Scramble is happy to present to you the CT Scramble 2018 Indie Rock Spotify Playlist. Our new playlist does the same as our 2017 playlist, compiling some of our favorite music that has come out of Connecticut in the past year all into one streamable Spotify outlet.

Our goal in compiling such a playlist was to create an eclectic but accessible introduction to much of the quality music that has come out of our wonderful and artistically underrated state this year.

At the moment, the playlist stands at 48 songs and almost 3 hours in length. As last year’s class of CT releases covered many of our state’s established heavy hitters, we are happy to say that the new playlist features many musical newcomers and is even more diverse in both artists and styles.

Check out the CTS 2018 Indie Rock Spotify playlist throughout the year as we continue to add more artists. Listen and follow below:

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