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Hot Tape: fet/ki – Bedroom Dreams (2018)

fet/ki - bedroom dreams (2018)

New Haven based fet/ki is the gloomy electronic project of Dagwood‘s Kilian Appleby. Last week, he put out his debut mixtape, Bedroom Dreams. Produced by fet/ki, Purple Pod Squad, and THE//MOON, the album takes Appleby’s songwriting material and decorates it with digital soundscapes and percussion.

Bedroom Dreams is pretty downbeat stuff. Throughout its half hour runtime, it resonates with a perpetual bleakness and that 3:00 a.m. staring at the ceiling anxiety. Songs like “Alive and in Stereo” and “Eternity” sound ghostly and formless covered in atmospheric reverb and looped sampled textures. On “Monuments”, the influence of Appleby’s other band invigorates its frailness with some punk energy.

Listen to Bedroom Dreams by fet/ki below:

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