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Now Streaming: Ryxno – She Called (2018)

Ryxno - She Called (2018)
Ryxno – She Called (2018)

In the last few months, New Haven “inglorious bastards of rock and rock” Ryxno have been dropping a slew of singles alongside playing a heck ton of shows around CT ahead of their inevitable debut album release.

Well, today is that day. We here at CT Scramble are proud to share Ryxno’s excellent new album, She Called.

For the numerous fans and new converts that have caught the band at their raucous live shows, the album certainly lives up to the hype. She Called is a hard hitting, highly listenable collection of garage rock songs bolstered by memorable songwriting, a tight live performance, and frontman Fredric Kaeser’s ragged howl of a voice.

While the early singles that previewed the record were fairly diverse, the album really rounds out the band’s variety of hard rock tropes, featuring punkish thrashers, moody romantics, and fist pumping barroom brawlers. Even on these “proper” studio recordings, the band captures their live performance and sounds ready for all hell to break loose.

For Ryxno, it’s hard to stress the impact of Kaeser’s vocal. His throaty yells set these songs on fire and bring the character of the lyrics alive. For all his raw, spasmodic punk energy, there is still a theatrical, rose-between-teeth, passion to the whole performance.

She Called will be available for purchase and streaming on June 9th. Ryxno will be playing their album release show at Three Sheets in New Haven on June 9th. Event page here.

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