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Now Streaming: Broken Record – Self-Titled (2018)

Broken Record

Broken Record is the indie rock trio of singer-guitarist Lauren Beecher, bassist Corey Fruin, and drummer Nick Danes. Originally from the New Haven area, Beecher and Fruin have relocated to the Denver, Colorado area and have found themselves making catchy garage pop tunes.

Recently, Broken Record has released their debut EP. Like its washed out artwork, these upbeat guitar songs would serve well on a beachside drive. Featuring members that have previously played in heavier punk and hardcore bands, there is a still a sense of punch to these power chords. While the vibe of the music is seemingly breezy and carefree, there is a tinge of emotive melancholy to Beecher’s tone and lyrics.

Listen to Broken Record by Broken Record below:

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