Now Streaming: Short Month – Don’t Forget Your Saddle, Cowboy (2017)

Short Month - Don't Forget Your Saddle, Cowboy (2017)
Short Month – Don’t Forget Your Saddle, Cowboy (2017)

CT emo band Short Month have made their single “Don’t Forget Your Saddle, Cowboy” available for streaming on Spotify. It is their most recent release following their 2017 Two Weeks & a Bit EP.

As Short Month is well versed in their emo roots, claiming their particular style to fall under the not-ambiguous-at-all range of  “pre-88, post-04” music, there is actually a surprising unidentifiability to this particular tune, which is more defined by its rhythmic bounce and solitary lead guitar than an obvious emotional vocal hook.

Listen to “Don’t Forget Your Saddle, Cowboy” by Short Month below:

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