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Chousand Release New Self-Titled Album: Stream


CT five piece Chousand play high-energy, party-till-you-puke punk-pop music that is definitively fun. This week, the band has released their newest, self-titled record for streaming and free download via Bandcamp.

Chousand’s new record is pure, live in the moment garage band hedonism, the pop punk embodiment of hanging out with your friends and the high following some mixing of Red Bulls, whatever beers that were handy, and Smash Bros. Once the record revs up, it rarely takes a break, if only just to take a hit and a breath between each fist pumping chorus.

Designed to be fun, but also pretty clever, the songwriting is a step above standard pop punk, and one has to give the band credit that they can play their instruments pretty damn well too.

Chousand will be playing their release show at Shamrock Pub in Waterbury on June 16th with Ryxno and Too Tall Grizzly. Event page here.

Listen to Chousand by Chousand below:

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