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On Repeat: Addy Edward – Picture of Youth (2018)

Addy Edward - Picture of Youth (2018)
Addy Edward – Picture of Youth (2018)

Addy Edward is the solo electronic project of Shelton, CT musician Adam Bensen. While Bensen has been writing and recording music for years, he only recently has compiled his songs into the new compilation Picture of Youth.

Picture of Youth is a highly listenable collection of glitchy electronic pop music that is orchestrated with organic and digital styled loops, tasteful arrangements, and textural builds. Perhaps benefitting from the longer gestation period of these songs, they are jam packed with ideas. Songs often morph and shift between multiple melodies and are diverse enough from one another to remain engaging and memorable.

While the quality of the instrumentation his high enough to stand on its own, Bensen deserves much credit as a vocalist. Rather than giving the impression of simply creating beats and singing over them, he weaves his voice in and out of the music like another instrument, matching the particular style of the track and reflecting back its emotional tone.

Listen to Picture of Youth by Addy Edward below:

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