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Now Streaming: HEELE – The Paper Sky (2018)

HEELE - The Paper Sky (2018)
HEELE – The Paper Sky (2018)

HEELE is the alternative rock project of Michael Henss, a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter based out of New Haven, CT. Prior to working on HEELE, Michael played drums in the band Dead Wives and played guitar in the band Ungifted, though he’s been actively working on songs for HEELE since 2015.

A densely packed, prog-inflected rock song, “The Paper Sky” is driven by pulsating drums, dream-like vocals, and a strange juxtaposition of dissonant and melodic movements. Despite already sounding stadium sized and anthemic at the start of the track, it still finds ways to unfold and become even larger sounding, expanding with textural pianos and strange non-lyrical chanting. It’s dark moments are often balanced with a cloud-parting, harmonious lightness, providing both ominous unease and catharsis at its final crescendo.

Listen to “The Paper Sky” by HEELE below: