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On Repeat: Kevin Human – Pulsar Planets (2018)

Kevin Human - Pulsar Planets (2018)
Kevin Human – Pulsar Planets (2018)

CT / NY experimental pop outfit Kevin Human is the musical project of duo Sonya Sousa and Justin Barre. Recently, the two have shared their debut album Pulsar Planets via West Hartford’s Funnybone Records.

An exercise in studio and songwriting experimentation, Pulsar Planets is a promising and occasionally thrilling start for the young duo. Throughout its 40 minute runtime, the band dabbles in a diverse array of experimental pop that can be hard to pin down or play spot the influence.

Justin and Sonya of Kevin Human
Justin and Sonya of Kevin Human

Many songs are heavily driven by glitchy digital percussion, leaving an atmosphere of empty space for organic and synthesized textures to cut through the darkness. Melodies are often unpredictable and shift between harmony and dissonance multiple times within a movement. Some tracks skew closer to legitimate songs, others like extended interludes.

Of course, the studio project’s name goes by Kevin Human, so it’s rightfully the human aspect of the music that ties its cosmic loose ends together. The twin vocals of Justin and Sonya balance out the sometimes heavily robotized facets of the music, allowing a warmth to permeate its mechanical and alien textures.

Listen to Pulsar Planets by Kevin Human below:

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