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Mild Monk Shares New Orbit EP: Stream

Mild Monk - Orbit (2018)
Mild Monk – Orbit (2018)

Mild Monk is the chill-psych rock project of UCONN student Henry Stein. Earlier this year, CT chill-psych-rock outfit Mild Monk shared the single “Bittersweet Pie”, a relaxed near-tropical jaunt that previewed the summer vibes to come.

Last week, Mild Monk surprise dropped his newest release, the Orbit EP, via West Hartford’s Funnybone Records. Stein comments on the music from Mild Monk’s Bandcamp:

“A series of sketches made of mostly instrumentals. This collection reflects a headspace and a method of catharsis during cold wintry days in New England. Swirling guitars and synthesizers build scenic daydreams of space gardens and windows to the cosmos, while drum loops drive a forward, but steady pace of orbit around themes of solitude and isolation.”

We agree. While remaining true to the pensive vibes previewed on “Bittersweet Pie”, the Orbit EP is appropriately titled, shifting the aesthetic palette and tone of the music from beachy to full on floating in space.

Listen to Orbit by Mild Monk below:

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