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Hot Tape: RC Carter – Aesthetics of Abdication EP (2018)

RC Carter - Aesthetics of Abdication (2018)
RC Carter – Aesthetics of Abdication (2018)

Every once in a while, we at CT Scramble get a submission from a new CT artist that takes us off guard and surprises us with something novel that we didn’t know was happening in the state. Last month, we received a new EP from New Haven alternative rap artist R.C. CarterAesthetics of Abdication.

R.C. Carter lists some of her bigger influences for this batch of songs include Depeche Mode, Die Antwoord, NIN and Grimes. It shows. Tracking at four songs and running just under 20 minutes, Aesthetics of Abdication is a heady blend of dark ambient beats and scattershot rhymes that leaves an impression. Named after a chapter in The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa, its lyrical themes of living somewhere between reality and the dream world and being disconnected from the outside world and others were the foundation for the ideas and lyrics in the EP.

On the EP, R.C. Carter, ALIEN BC ET GODDESS OF ANALOGIES, flaunts a her freak flag, weaving lines that reflect a subtle clash of alien creature comfort against societal conformity. Despite the fully formed out of the box confidence, there is a dense anxiety that pulses through its textured instrumentals.

Listen to Aesthetics of Abdication by R.C. Carter below:

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